For Vietnam’s Covid-19 updates, you can check at this link. In fact, our team is always available even Vietnam tourism is hard hit by this pandemic.

Many Vietnam motorbike tours between 2020 and 2022 were cancelled or suspended. The good news is the Vietnamese border is officially open from March 15th 2022, so let’s get ready and apply for a visa now!

I am Anh Wu, one of the owners of Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures in Hanoi, Northern Vietnam. In reality, I spent most of my life on two wheels and I started riding manual touring bikes back in 1994. Below is a photo of one of my Vietnam motorbike adventure tours in mid-2016.

Anh Wu, one of the owners, riding a Kawasaki Versys 650cc Vietnam & Laos 2016

Vietnam is so beautiful that bikers around the world should put it in their must-ride list. However, as a developing country, you must accept different standards and find a way to negotiate things in a different way. Oriental culture is not the same as the Western way of life. It’s slower, less direct, and more intimate.

My company currently offers three different Vietnam motorbike adventure tours below, either on or off-road. In general, these tours work with different budgets, timing, and duration. You can do it on your own or with a professional guide from our company. Honestly, you experience much more if you hire a guide. While riding with us, you will discover a real Vietnam far from tourist trails.

To have some idea about the Vietnam motorbike tours my company provides, please watch the below video.


Amazing Vietnam Motorbike Adventure Tours, Fully Guided

Vietnam fully guided motorbike tours from Hanoi

These tours are recommended for riders from intermediate to experienced levels. I suggest either the new Honda XR125L/XR150L or the larger CRF250L. Ride where you want to see and experience a lesser-known Vietnam! Leave everything with us and experience Vietnam with motorbiking experts! In short, you have full support from our team, what you do is ride and enjoy the best of Vietnam while we work!

Most of our customers book this kind of motorbike tours because they trust our expertise, professionalism, and want to see more off the tourist trails. However, if you are on a budget, you can consider the following packages which give you more flexibility but also require more management and research before you start.

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Incredible Vietnam Motorbike Adventures, Semi-Guided

semi-guided motorcycle tours of Vietnam

Tours designed for riders of all levels. Decide how fast or slow you want to ride, eat, and sleep where you want. In short, you have total flexibility. Some off-road riding is possible and therefore you will see Vietnam away from the tourist trails! The final cost can be more or less like the fully-guided options but you need to negotiate on the road. We provide bikes, a local English-speaking guide, a tool kit, basic spare parts, riding gear, maps, road rules, and support over the phone.

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Unforgettable Vietnam Motorbike Adventure Tours, Self-Guided

self-guided dirtbike tours of Vietnam from Hanoi. It's just motorbike hire.

Specially designed for experienced riders and also those who want to ride local way. In reality, this is among the cheapest Vietnam motorbike tours because you don’t hire a local guide. Just grab your own bike(s) and ride on your own. However, you must be able to handle things on your own, getting lost is popular but can be fun. We provide bikes, a tool kit, basic spare parts, riding gear, maps, road rules, and support over the phone. What makes us stand out ahead of the most rental shops is our extraordinary phone support. We speak English fluently, straight to the point, and know the bikes as good as the back of our hands. Our office is small so you don’t have to talk with any employee before you need real assistance!

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Motorbike Rental In Hanoi

Vietnam Motorbike Rental From Hanoi, dirt bikes and touring motorcycles

Rent dual enduro, dirt bikes, and touring motorcycles and start your Vietnam motorbike adventure tours with our premium services! The cost is from 15$US to 50$US/day depending on the type of bikes. All of our bikes are Japanese Honda, in great condition, and are serviced by our team, not employees. Therefore, we can guarantee they are among the best you can hire in Hanoi.

For expats working in Hanoi, you can hire reliable scooters and commute in Hanoi for affordable prices, from just 50$US to 100$US/month. Our scooter fleet is from 50cc to 125cc. For 50cc, we use the Taiwanese SYM Elegant or Elite and for 110cc-125cc we only use Japanese Honda like Wave Alpha, Wave RS, Wave S, Wave RSX, Blade, Vision 110cc and Lead, Air Blade 125cc. Best of all, we offer no breakdown, except flat tires if you hit nails :)

Vietnam Motorbike Rental From Hanoi, semi-automatic and fully automatic scooters for expat long-term

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My Works

Below are the websites that I created, owned, or contributed. Also, I have been updating these websites regularly.

For the time being, this is a new website promoting motorbiking in Vietnam. In fact, I only have limited time to update. Therefore, bear with me for a while and visit the above links for more details. I am sure you will find helpful tips, advice, and information about travelling on two wheels in this stunning country.

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