Vietnam motorbike tours are definitely one of the best ways to experience Vietnam. While riding, you get close to nature and meet face to face with people. In addition, on guided tours, you can stay in local people’s homestays. When you ride self-guided, you may get lost and it’s part of your real adventure. Below I will cover the different options in detail.

Some companies offer easy riders type, which means you sit behind a driver. My company doesn’t offer this because it limits your vision, gives you no sense of adventure. Imagine how hard/uncomfortable the driver feels with you on the back the whole day. Beginners can learn to ride, not to sit on the back!

Fully Guided And Supported Vietnam Motorcycle Adventures

These tours are for riders who just pay in advance, leaving everything behind and enjoy the trip. All motorbike tours start in Hanoi but could end anywhere in Vietnam. In fact, your satisfaction is guaranteed and you really see most of Vietnam during your time frame.

In reality, you get the best and freshest food and comfy hotels. You deserve delicious food and good sleep after hard days of riding.

To have more ideas about our spending please check this link.

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Vietnam Motorbike Tours, fully-guided in a large group from Hanoi to Ha Giang - all inclusive

Semi-guided Vietnam Motorbike Tours (Bikes & A guide)

Just ride at your own pace and pay whatever carters for your budget.

You simply pay the rental of your bike(s), an English-speaking tour guide, and his bike. While riding on the tour, you pay fuel for all bikes, food, and accommodation for you and your guide, tickets, and permits (where needed). The guide makes sure you ride safely in Vietnam and have maximum flexibility to choose where to eat and where to sleep. In the end, it’s either cheaper or more expensive than the fully guided tour above. In other words, the final cost of your tour depends on what you eat and where you stay.

From our experience, people tend to save when they pay services on the road. This is not worth it. See the link above about spending on our fully guided Vietnamese motorbike trips that we pay in order to have fresh and delicious food (not chemically frozen!), comfortable places to stay and a great trip. In fact, you get what you pay for. Naturally, people likely eat more when they are paid by a tour operator and save when they pay by themselves.

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Vietnam Motorbike Tours, semi-guided in a large group from Hanoi to Ha Giang - bikes and guide

Unguided Vietnam Motorbike Tours (Bike Hire Only)

This will be your new adventure away from the norm, an adventure rather than a trip! If you are on a budget and can negotiate things in a foreign/strange country by yourselves, consider an independent self-guided motorbike and motor-scooter vacation (bike rentals) from Hanoi. This is probably the cheapest way to travel on two wheels in Vietnam because you save the cost of a guide when you ride unguided. In reality, you receive basic and helpful information plus tips and advice, not just bike hire.

To be honest, you don’t likely see the most beautiful areas of Vietnam. You don’t know hidden roads and have no relations with authorities. In addition, you don’t speak the language and Vietnamese people normally charge foreigners more. In other words, you experience the least of Vietnam comparing to the two options above.

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Vietnam Motorbike Tours, Self-guided, just hiring a motorbike

Typical Vietnam Motorbike Tours Itineraries

Below are the most popular Offroad Vietnam’s motorbike tours itineraries either on or off-road which cover the best areas for travelling on two wheels in Vietnam. Please follow the links to see sample trips. In fact, my company can tailor-make any trip that caters to the number of days you have.

Ha Giang & Northeast 8 days
Ha Giang & Northeast 11 days
Central North Roof Roads 5 days
Northeast Vietnam 7 days
Northwest Vietnam 10 days
Big Northern Vietnam Loop (2 weeks+)
– 9 days Ho Chi Minh Trail/Road
– 11 days Ho Chi Minh Trail/Road
– 13 days Ho Chi Minh Trail/Road
– 16 days Ho Chi Minh Trail/Road
Around Hanoi One Day
Tours For Women Only
South Vietnam Itinerary 1
South Vietnam Itinerary 2
Vespa Scooter Tours
Custom Tours

To have some idea about Vietnam motorbike tours my company provides, please watch the below video or visit our YouTube channel.


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