If you want to look for availability, tips, and advice about Vietnam used motorbikes for sale then landed on the right page. I will explain different types of bikes and their prices. Starting from low end to upmarket.

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Are Touring Bikes Cheap Or Expensive?

Vietnam is a motorbike nation and there are currently at least 45 million (yes million) motorbikes in a country of 93 million people. With merely 329,560 square km, you know how the traffic will be! In fact, large displacements are not welcome. In other words, the Vietnamese government doesn’t want many large-displacement touring bikes in the country. Therefore, any bike over 125cc will be charged 120% taxes (import, luxury, or excise taxes).

When you register a motorbike, in big cities like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC or Saigon) you have to pay a 5% registration tax. Finally, you have to add money for plate number of your bike (Hanoi and big cities charge one million Dongs for a bike sold under fifteen million Dongs, two million Dongs for under forty million Dongs and four million Dongs from forty million Dongs)

Expect to pay from 1.5 to 2 times more than in your home country. Chinese bikes are available but they are quite small, only 110 or 125cc and I will explain more below.

Vietnam Used Motorbikes For Sale, Low End (200-300$US) – Chinese  Bikes 

Vietnam Used Motorbikes For Sale In Hanoi. Cheapest yet least reliable Chinese Win copy

This is probably the cheapest new bike and also the crappiest motorbike available in Vietnam. In reality, they are not the same quality Chinese companies sell in China. Dishonest sellers (local and tourists) confuse you with their advertisements like Honda Wave or Honda Win etc. Honestly, they must say Chinese Wave or Chinese Win, etc. Even the name (Win or Wave) is copyright infringement!

Real Honda Win model was discontinued in the early 2000s and Honda only made it in Indonesia. Vietnamese collectors buy the latest Honda Win in good conditions from 1,000 to 2,000$US.

A used Chinese bike is from 50$US (horrible condition) to 300$US (ride-able)  while a brand new goes for 700$US with tax and registration. Therefore, most tourists buy this kind of bike to ride in Vietnam: they try to save money, do not care about safety. In the end, they normally buy a Chinese Loose, not a Chinese Win. For more details please check this link out.

Above is a photo of an old Chinese Win and we bet nobody likes it. We say NO to Chinese motorbikes right from the beginning!


Despite the cheap price, avoid Chinese bikes and buy something better (below). Alternatively, you can rent one-way from some companies (search online).

Vietnam Used Motorbikes For Sale, Mid-End (400-800$US) – Japanese & Taiwanese Brands

Vietnam Used Motorbikes For Sale In Hanoi. Used Honda Wave 110cc is a good choice. Reliable and fuel saving.

There are so many used bike dealers in Vietnam who buy and sell scooters (semi-automatic or fully automatic). The most popular brands are Honda, Yamaha, SYM, and Suzuki. Yamaha Nouvo is probably the most popular, then comes Honda Wave and last is SYM Elegant. I won’t cover Suzuki because the availability is very limited and it’s hard to sell.

Yamaha Nouvo has six versions and the price is between 150$US to 800$US. There a few things you should consider:
– Nouvo is hard to start in the early morning (carburettor versions);
– It uses a lot of gas (4-6 litres/100km);
– Spare parts are expensive;
– Wheels are usually deformed;
– Easy to sell but doesn’t hold value well. Local people don’t like it;
– Brakes are not good and suspension very hard.

Honda Wave should be the best choice. The price is between 450$US to 800$US. Below are a few things why you should buy:
– Honda starts first thing in the early morning;
– Fuel-saving (1.8-2.2 litres/100km);
– Spare parts are everywhere and cheap;
– Holds value well, you can sell to anyone for around 100$US less than when you bought;
– Brakes are safe and suspension quite smooth.

SYM Elegant is also a good choice. The price is between 400$US to 600$US. Below are a few things you need to know:
– SYM starts easily in the morning;
– Fuel-saving (2.0-2.5 litres/100km);
– Spare parts are hard but Honda parts can be used;
– Doesn’t hold value well, you lose more money than Honda Wave;
– Brakes are safe and suspension okay.


Yamaha Nouvo for tourists with a low budget, accept old conditions and lose value. Honda Wave is the best choice but the initial investment is expensive, but selling is super easy and holds value. SYM Elegant is in between.

Vietnam Used Motorbikes For Sale, Mid-Hig End (1,700-2,000$US) – Japanese Touring Scooters Or Dirt Bikes

Vietnam Used Motorbikes For Sale In Hanoi. Used Honda Winner 150cc is a good choice. Reliable and fuel saving.

Vietnam Used Motorbikes For Sale In Hanoi. Used Honda XR125/150 150cc is a good choice. Reliable, powerful and fuel saving.

This is not cheap but seems to be the best choice for the money. All touring scooters and dirt bikes are new models and are in excellent condition.

Honda Winner touring scooter is between 1,700$US and 1,800$US. There a few things you should know:
– This is a fuel-injected 2016-2017 model so starting the bike is very easy, even after weeks;
– It uses not much gas (2-3 litres/100km);
– Spare parts are cheap and are available in nearly 1,000 Honda authorized dealer shops across Vietnam;
– The scooter is quite strong, nearly 16HP;
– Easy to sell and hold value well. Local young people like it;
– Brakes are very good and the suspension is okay. However, the seat is small and thin.

Honda XR125/150 dirt bike is also another good choice. The price is between 1,800$US and 2,000$US. Below are a few things you need to know:

– All bikes come with a strong 150cc engine that delivers between 13 and 15HP;
– Comes with a new carburettor that offers more power, starts easily but use a bit more fuel(3.5 instead of 3.0 litres/100km);
– Spare parts are available at our office;
– The seat and suspension are quite good;
– May not hold value as good as scooters.


If you want good quality bikes while you don’t want to pay too much then these bikes offer the best balance of money/value/sell-back. To be specific, you have fun while you ride and can sell them back easily and at a good price. Honda holds value better than any other brands in Vietnam, the market share is around 80% in total (new & used motorbikes).

Vietnam Used Motorbikes For Sale, High End (from 2,500$US) – Real Dual Enduro 

Vietnam Used Motorbikes For Sale In Hanoi. Real dirt bikes Honda XR250 dual enduro.

No doubt this is the best choice. However, the price is very expensive. Expect to pay from around 2,000$US to 2,500$US each bike for 1998-2000 Honda XR250. Other brands like Suzuki DR250, Yamaha TTR/XT250, and Kawasaki KLX250 are cheaper but parts are extremely difficult. Stick with a Honda dirt bike and you have more support.

One thing you need to consider is selling the bike. Due to the high price, only some tourists can afford this type of bike. Expect to sell at 500 – 1,000$US less if you want a quick sale.

Used Motorbikes For Sale Conclusion

Best choice but you spend more money to have a real iron horse.

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